Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Agenda for Week2 Workshop

- Starz Animation Event (Friday - Jan.14)
- Meeting the groups: what are your initial ideas for playlist topics & design tools
- Definitions of "gamer" and expertise
- Making and playing games as learning process

- Bryant et al.'s designing for preschoolers article (usability, design strategies, & later on...assessment)
- ESRB Rating Systems: thoughts on process, uses, problems, oversights, etc.

  • Discussion points: Difference in the "process" each team goes through (Bryant et al. user-centered design, informed by theory, iterative process involving kids, parents) (ESRB coding videos of the games for certain types of content - yet "E" comes to mean so much more)

  • From preschoolers to elementary-age....big developmental changes. How would the challenges Bryant describes change over time - how to accommodate for this - how to anticipate without training in child development theory, child education, usability, etc.

  • Assessing and selecting - issues these articles might raise

  • Usability and user-centered processes - how can these concepts be incorporated into collection development OR research OR tech assessment 

- World of Goo and Lego Star Wars

Work on Projects:
- Q: How to construct a playlist without access to all the games? Reviews, trailers, walkthroughs and mash-ups/fan communities (how much is selecting like other forms of research?)

- Netbooks (Inforum) & Discussion about additional tech/consoles & Access to this room

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