Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Download Kodu

For those of you thinking of using Kodu for the design-a-game project, here's the link for a free download of the software. If enough of you choose this one, we can do the tutorial during next week's workshop (or the week after). But if not - a good place to start might be to download and go through the "Classroom Kit" (available here), which you can use as an introduction to the program and a way to get yourselves started. (p.s. you can also get Kodu for the XBox 360, for about $5).

I was also looking for video tutorials for Kodu, and found this one, which seems accessible and comprehensive (this one here is the first of 4 segments):

I'll keep putting tutorials and other potentially useful videos in my Youtube folder for this course, which you can find here, or by visiting my Channel.

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