Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Revisiting the ESRB

Since we're going to be talking about the ESRB tomorrow, I thought I'd point out an article I wrote about the system last year for an online magazine (and good source for gaming news/reviews), The Escapist. In the article, I argue that the ESRB is running the risk of causing its own obsolescence - at the time, it became the centre of a small but fiery debate, both in the comments section of the magazine itself, as well as on other game community blogs and news sources. I later wrote a response on my blog, Gamine Expedition, which you can read here if you're interested.

One of the groups is focusing their playlist on Nintendo DS games, and will be bringing in a couple of DS consoles to play with during the workshop. If any of you want to do something similar, please do. I can also arrange to have an XBox 360 and/or PS3 brought in (does anyone know how to hook them up to the overhead projector? that would be neat), and can also make arrangements for a Wii by next week if there's any interest in testing out particular titles during class time. 

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