Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Agenda for Week2 Workshop (1006)

- This week's workshop starts with a session of World of Goo. For anyone who doesn't have a terminal, we'll supply notebooks - or you can download the game onto your laptops.

- Debrief on gameplay. Thoughts about linkages to readings and this week's themes.
- Chat about this week's readings:
  • Bryant et al.'s designing for preschoolers article (usability, design strategies, & later on...assessment)

  • ESRB Rating Systems: thoughts on process, uses, problems, oversights, etc.

  • - How to bring these issues into the game design experience (and evaluation of titles AND DIY game design programs)
    - Possible Additional Discussion points:
  • Difference in the "process" each team goes through (Bryant et al. user-centered design, informed by theory, iterative process involving kids, parents) (ESRB coding videos of the games for certain types of content - yet "E" comes to mean so much more)

  • From preschoolers to elementary-age....big developmental changes. How would the challenges Bryant describes change over time - how to accommodate for this - how to anticipate without training in child development theory, child education, usability, etc.

  • Usability and user-centered processes - how can these concepts be incorporated into collection development OR research OR tech assessment 

  • Work on Projects:
  • Experiment with the different game design programs. 

  • Assign specific tasks and roles to different team members.

  • Start searching for play list games. 

  • Etc.
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