Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week6: Presentations

INF1006: it's your time to shine! Let's see what you've been up to these past few weeks.

You'll have 15 minutes each to show us your game design (and playlist). Unless there are any objections, you will present in the following order:

Group 1:
Meagan Gilpin
Stephanie Quail
Julio Preuss
Victorian Baranow
Katherine LaIocca

Group 2:
Albert Roon      
Allie Doon
Christopher Young
Alexandria DiBellonia

Group 3:
Max King
Holly Mays
Nick Anapliotis
Leopold McGinnis

Group 4:
Alisha Barron
Ann-Marie Ricketts
Krysta Lombardi
Simon Ludgate
Kathryn Tippell

Group 5:
Valerie Stevens
Emily Lamond

Group 6:
Claire Baker
Amanda Brooks
Kelly Butler
Danielle Cooper

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