Tuesday, February 21, 2012

INF1005 Group Created Games Winter 2012

Hi All - As promised, here are the links to the class' awesome, fun and CHALLENGING group-created games!!!! Enjoy!

GameStar Mechanic games (*****Log In Required*****):
Rescue the Prince (by Group 1: Sandrena, Sally, Michelle, Katherine and Melissa)
The ROCM of Games (by Group 2: Lisa, Mona, Brian, Peter, Matthew and Melody)
Dusk Until Dawn (by Group 4: Divya, Quenby, Austin, Carrie, Amin and Desiree)

And here's the link to our Scratch game, Fred the Snowman (by Group 3: Nahid, Meghan, Laura, Rex and Allison)

Sadly, we can't figure out how to upload Group 5's Garry's Mod and GameMaker games, but you can watch a number of entertaining walkthroughs of the Garry's Mod level on Tys' YouTube Channel.

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