Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 6 Presentation Order

Just as a reminder, here is the order for tomorrow's group presentations (with tentative schedule). Remember, each group has only 15 minutes to present their projects, with a couple of additional minutes in between for questions and take down/set up.

9:15-9:30 Group 1: Jesse, Marie, Alexandra T., Courtney and Chris
9:35-9:50 Group 2: Nikki, Tracy, Mat, David B., Alexandra K. and Quest
9:55-10:10 Group 3: Allison, Alyssa, Brian and Justin

Short Break 

10:20-10:35 Group 4: Stephanie, Nicole M. and Nicole N.
10:40-10:55 Group 5: Siobhan, Heather, Jen, David D. and Laura
11:00-11:15 Group 6: Emily, Katy, Victoria, Nora and Rachael

11:20-11:50 Free Play!!! A chance to play each other's games (designs)
11:50 Wrap up and goodbye :)

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