Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Agenda for Week 3: Games and Storytelling

Today's Agenda:

9-10: Playtime:
- This week's workshop starts with a session of Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor (Hint: PLAY ON JR DETECTIVE SETTING - it's way easier). For anyone who doesn't have a terminal, run up and get yourself a notebook - they should already have the game on them.

10-11: Discussion:
- Debrief on gameplay. Thoughts about linkages to readings and this week's themes (narrative)
- What's the linkage between narrative and gender (girl games, Storytelling Alice) - or is there one?
- Chat about the more theoretical aspects of this week's readings (Bizzocchi)
Q: What role will narrative play in your design-a-game projects? In your playlists??

Reminder: Game change for next week's workshop - now playing Portal and/or Portal 2 via your class Steam accounts (see email from Ivan for log in name & password).

11-12: Work on Projects:
Design-a-game - finish playing through the tutorials, get started on your game/level!!!
Playlist - should have a theme established by now. Start narrowing down your choices

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