Monday, March 25, 2013

Pipe Trouble Controversy (Updated!!!!)

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In lead up to tomorrow's class, you might consider checking out some of the stories about the current controversy surrounding the serious game (i.e. game with a larger political, social, ethical message and purpose) Pipe Trouble. As The Canadian Press describes:

An online game funded by Ontario taxpayers that shows the bombing of a gas pipeline and drew criticism from the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia is being reviewed.
TV Ontario, the province’s public broadcaster, spent money to create the game “Pipe Trouble” to accompany a documentary about the pipeline debate in British Columbia.
A TVO blog described “Pipe Trouble” as a “companion ethical game” to a documentary that deals with local opposition to pipelines and the bombing of pipelines in the Peace River region of B.C.
Play the game for yourself on the official Pipe Trouble website, and consider whether you think the controversy and complaints are warranted.

Read the creators' response to the controversy here.

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