Games in the Library

Digital Games and Kids
  • Bryant, J. A., Akerman, A., & Drell, J. (2010). Diminutive subjects, design strategy, and driving sales: Preschoolers and the Nintendo DS. Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research 10(1). LINK
  • Fromme, J. (2003). Computer Games as a Part of Children's Culture. Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research 3(1). LINK

Game Criticism and Evaluation
  • Drew Davidson's "Well Played" series (volumes 1 and 2): deep readings of digital games by a number of notable and up-and-coming game scholars. Download for free here and here.
  • Peppler, K., Warschauer, M., & Diazgranados, A. (2010). Game Critics: Exploring the Role of Critique in Game-Design. E-Learning, 7(1), pp. 35-48. LINK
  • Zagal, J. P. & Bruckman, A. (2008). Novices, Gamers, and Scholars: Exploring the Challenges of Teaching About Games. Game Studies: The International Journal of Computer Game Research, 8(2). LINK

Kids & DIY Media
  • Kafai, Y. & Peppler, K. (2011). Youth, Technology, and DIY: Developing Participatory Competencies in Creative Media Production. In V. L. Gadsden, S. Wortham, and R. Lukose (Eds.), Youth Cultures, Language and Literacy. Review of Research in Education, Volume 34. LINK

Research on Scratch
  • Peppler, K. & Kafai, Y. (2007). From SuperGoo to Scratch: exploring creative digital media production in informal learning. Learning, Media, and Technology, 32(2), pp. 149–166.
  • Brennan, K., Monroy-Hern√°ndez, A., & Resnick, M. (2009). Scratch: Creating and sharing interactive media.  In Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Computer supported collaborative learning - Volume 2 (CSCL'09). LINK

Research on Alice
  • Conway, M., Audia, S., Burnette, T. et al. (2000) Alice: Lessons Learned from Building a 3D System for Novices. CHI 99. LINK
  • Kelleher, C. and R. Pausch. Using Storytelling to Motivate Programming. Communications of the ACM, vol. 50, no. 7, July 2007, pages 58-64. LINK 

Research on GameStar Mechanic
  • Torres, R. J. (2009) Using Gamestar Mechanic Within a Nodal Learning Ecology to Learn Systems Thinking: A Worked Example. International Journal of Learning and Media (beta), 1(2). LINK
  • Gamestar Mechanic Learning Guides

Research on Spore
  • Bean, T. E., Sinatra, G.M., Schrader, P. G. (2010). Spore: Spawning Evolutionary Misconceptions? Journal of Science Education and Technology, 19(5):409-414.

Research on World of Goo
  • Davidson, D. (2009). From Experiment Gameplay to the Wonderful World of Goo and How Physics is Your Friend. Well Played 1.0: Video Games, Value and Meaning. Pittsburgh, PA: ETC Press. LINK

Most Recent Media Coverage of Kodu
  • Lawton, C. (2011, Mar.17). Microsoft Launches Kodu Game Lab and Game Competition for Kids. GeekDad on LINK

    YOUMedia (Chicago Library)
    • Springen, K. (2011). What’s Right With This Picture?: Chicago’s YOUmedia reinvents the public library. School Library Journal. LINK