While the games we're playing in this class can all be checked out at the Inforum, some of you may be having trouble finding the time to play them through to the end. If so, then you may want to check out the following free-to-play, online casual games as a way of increasing your exposure to relevant gameplay components and content (see below).

I envision this as a sort of "homeplay" (rather than homework) playlist, as each of the games engages with one (or more) of the key themes covered in this workshop, with a heavy emphasis on narrative (unique approaches to...) and the interplay between narrative and game mechanics. Enjoy!

1. Level Up! by NiftyHat (hosted at newgrounds) explores the mechanics and underlying ideology of the points and leveling systems that play such a key role in the vast majority of digital games (design, mechanics, goals, win/lose). The game's narrative is also tied up in its points system, as revealed through in the way memory loss translates into lost points/levels - frustrating and fascinating, I think this game has deep and complex things to say about the relationship between story and game mechanics, player and game system, and the instrumental (and too often obscured) nature of points-based game design. 

2. Today I Die by Daniel Benmergui (hosted at Ludomancy)

3. Small Worlds by David Shute (hosted at jayisgames)

4. Continuity by Nils Stefan Bertil.

5. Gretel and Hansel by Mako Pudding (hosted at newgrounds)

6. Submachine (series) by Mateusz Skutnik (hosted at Pastel Games)

7. Fancy Pants Adventures by Brad Brom

The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 - The adventure of a man and his pants continues