Group Assignment 1: Digital Game Playlist 

(15% for individual contribution + 15% group shared mark for overall logic/consistency)
In groups of 4-5, collaborate to create a “must play” or recommended list of game titles, either geared toward helping the TPL develop their collection, or designed from the outset for some other, agreed upon (and fairly specific) purpose related to children’s digital gaming (e.g. “Top Ten Best Story Games for Kids,” or “10 Games that Every Parent of a Gamer Should Play”). Each title on the list must be accompanied by one or two paragraphs that a) describe the game (theme, contents, storyline, characters, educational elements, visuals, etc.) and b) explain why it made your playlist. [note: if more than 5 in group, be sure to do 2 each - "top 12" is fine!!!]

The lists themselves can be crafted in whichever form your group choses. You can create a website, or a poster (for poster presentation), or YouTube channel...whatever makes the most sense to your group, allowing for creativity, and for a clear and concise communication of your list theme, aims and rationale.

The lists will be presented to the rest of the class during Week 6 (last day of the workshop). Lists created for the TPL will be amalgamated and (with the group's permission) sent to Cheryl and Jayne once the workshop has ended.

Examples of the types of format you might follow:

1) “The Best Video Game Stories Ever” on Games Radar (April 17, 2008)

2) CNet's "Top 10 video games" (2008)

3) GameTrailers "Top Ten Most Innovative Games Of All Time" (posted by jk22233 Feb.26, 2007)